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Caravan + Mobile Home Filters


Prevention is always better than cure and there is nothing worse than being far away from home on a lovely holiday and ending up crook for the whole trip because you consumed contaminated water. While the water flowing in the streams and rivers of the outback may look pure, it can still be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other contaminants. Camp sites and caravan parks take all precautions available to prevent this form happening but at the end of the day you put a lot of people, and in some cases their pets, in relatively small spaces using the same facilities contamination and cross contamination is bound to happen.

When planning on camping, hiking or going on a caravan trip, it is of utmost importance to remember your water needs. There are so many approaches you can take to provide yourself and loved ones in your group with safe water for both drinking and sanitation.


We have put together a few systems that we feel cover most of the needs of our avid adventurous clients.

With our standard 10 x 2.5" housings, once you have the filtration system we can help you with the choice and combination of filter cartridges that will best suit the area you are traveling to.

The most common filtration system for caravans are a standard dual filtration system that you can connect directly to a tap or hose to fill a water tank or in some cases filter the water as it enters the caravan water system. These filter systems are very easy to install and maintain. The fact that you can at any time change the filter cartridges to cater for the different source water needs you might encounter is a definite bonus to these systems.

With the dual set up we usually recommend a sedimentary filter for the first housing. As explained under water filters these filters' main job is to eliminate any 'bigger' sedimentary contaminants in the water, like sand and leaves etc., so the second specialty filter does not get clogged up and can perform its job properly. The filters for the second housing would be more specialized as these ranges from the basic Carbon block filter to anti-bacterial Nano silver filters to self-fill filter cartridges that you can fill with the KDF media ( please see water filters for a detailed explanation of the KDF media)

We also have smaller compact systems that you can install in your caravan at the point of use. These systems range from standard dual systems that you can install straight into the water line to more complex reverse osmosis systems with their own pressurized water tank and faucet.(please see reverse osmosis for detailed information on RO)

We understand that you do not always have the facilities with water pressure to assist with filtration and for this reason we have a hand pump system with reverse osmosis that you can take anywhere and purify your water.

We have tried to cater for all the variables in camping and caravanning that we could think of but we welcome our clients to contact us with their specific needs and together we are usually able to come to a brilliant workable filtration or purification solution.