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Whole House Filtration


Sometimes filtering your water at the point of use can be impractical or insufficient, in these cases a point of entry system may be more suitable as it filters all of the water entering the home. These types of systems are most popular with home owners who rely on tank or bore water, but are becoming ever more popular with home owners on a mains water supply.

Suitable For Various Water Sources

Why use whole of house filters?

Sometimes just treating your drinking water simply isnt enough. Many households rely on water that isnt of the best quality. Water that is discoloured or has a foul odour can be off-putting when showering or brushing teeth and can stain clothing in the washing machine. Water with high levels of sediment can damage valves and hot water units or constantly block taps and showerheads.

Filtering your water before it enters the house can help to eliminate these issues and improve the aesthetic qualities of the water significantly.

Are these units suitable for use on tank or bore water?

These types of systems are very popular for use on tank or bore water as a means of preventing dirt and dust that has settled to the bottom of a tank from being pumped into the house. These units are also extensively used to reduce/remove tannins or colouration from water and any odour that may be present.

These types of systems are also often used with specialty filters or combined with an ultraviolet steriliser to treat the water for any bacteria or viruses that may be present in the tank, protecting the health of your family and preventing any microbiological contamination from causing harm.

When water is sourced from a bore or ground source it may be necessary to treat for hardness or iron content in the water, we have various options available for these applications too.

Are these units suitable for use on mains water?

In recent years these types of systems have become more popular for use on mains water supplies as a means of removing chlorine and improving the general aesthetic condition of the water. These units are equally as suited to use on a mains source as a tank water source. 

We offer these big blue systems in our own brand as well as the Pentek brand and have them available in single, twin and triple systems in 20"x2.5", 10"x4.5" and 20"x4.5" housings. When filtering non-potable water it is recommended to have an anti-bacterial filter as one of the stages or an ultra violet water steriliser after the filtration system.