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Water Cooler Information

Why invest in a water cooler?

Water coolers are a very convenient way of having high quality pure drinking water on tap 100% of the time. These coolers are convenient in that you can place them where ever you have a power point. It is for this reason that they are very popular for business use.

But they are not restricted to businesses only. We have found that they are great to have in the home if you do not have a fridge that dispenses cold water or simply do not wish to plumb in a filtration / RO system under sink. What is better than being able to instantly pour a glass of ice cold water on a hot summer's day?

We offer a wide range of water coolers from several leading Australian suppliers which are high quality electrically approved and use LG compressors.

Water Cooler Options

We offer water coolers that can be permanently connected to the mains supply and dispense either filtered and chilled as well as heated water or reverse osmosis purified chilled and heated water.

For those who prefer not to have their cooler plumbed into the mains supply we can offer bottled water cooler and filter your own bottle top housings that will filter and chill or chill and heat filtered or bottles spring water.