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Ultra Violet Sterilisation

UV Water Sterilisers

The process of sterilisation to eliminate bacteria by ultra violet [UV] light has been extensively used for almost 150 years in hospitals and medical practices. This process is a proven technology and is very effective at treating water for bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms if used in conjunction with sediment and carbon pre-filters.

UV Applications

The main uses for ultra violet water sterilisation is in the treatment of non-potable water for drinking purposes i.e. rain water from tanks, creek and dam water as well as bore water. People with immunodeficiency and those recovering from serious illnesses or operations would use UV sterilisation as a post filter to mains water filtration systems as added protection against possible bacterial infections.

We have a wide range of UV water sterilisers available from low flow domestic under sink to high flow whole of home and commercial systems.