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RO DI Aquarium Filtration


When maintaining your marine aquarium it is essential that you use only the highest quality water to protect the overall condition of your tank and the health of your fish. A RODI system which combines reverse osmosis technology and mixed bed DI resin is best suited to producing clean, contaminant free water for your tank.
Purity is Essential

There are few applications that demand the level of purity that is required of a marine aquarium.

One of the greatest concerns that owners of marine aquariums have when topping off their tanks are impurities from the source water contaminating the aquarium and adding further complication to the maintenance of the tank. Excess impurities in source water can cause all sorts of problems in a tank including algae blooms, mineral/salinity creep due to evaporation, and even fish or coral death. Some of the most significant impurities include nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, hardness, salinity and the TDS (total dissolved solids) present in the feed water.

An RO/DI unit will effectively reduce or remove all contaminants found in your source water and leave you with only the purest water for your tank.

Will this type of system work with my source water?

These systems are very effective when used on mains water, many of our systems are designed to operate passively on the pressure supplied from the mains and will not require booster pump systems to operate properly and produce water of a good quality.

These units may even be adapted for use on low pressure applications such as rain or bore water through the use of specialised low pressure membranes or in the worst of cases by integrating a booster pump into the system.

As with any system there is a maximum amount of contaminant in the source water that the membrane will be able to deal with. The membranes that are supplied as standard with our units will be suitable for use with most if not all mains water sources and most rain water sources. Often bore water will have very high levels of contaminant which may hinder the performance of a membrane, often this can be compensated for with the use of specialised membranes or additional filtration.

If you have special circumstances such as a low pressure feed, or you suspect that your source water is of an unknown or poorer quality, give us a call or send us a message and we can assist in designing a customised system to suit your specific needs.

Which system would suit my needs best?

Reverse Osmosis systems are rated based on their flow rate, that is, the amount of water that the membrane will produce in 24 hours of constant operation with good feed pressure. Selecting a system that best suits your needs is finding a balance between how much water that you will need each day and how fast you want the unit to produce it.

On our smaller domestic units the standard membrane ratings are 50gpd (190 litres per day/8 litres per hour), 100gpd (380 litres per day/16 litres per hour) and 180gpd (680 litres per day/28 litres per hour). When required we can also build units capable of producing greater volumes, up to many thousands of litres per day.

Other factors to consider are the size of the pre-membrane filters and the DI resin cartridge, larger filters will generally last longer and not need to be serviced as often, however may not be worth the cost if you are only producing very small volumes.

If you are unsure of what to select based on your needs, give us a call or send us a message and we will point you in the right direction.