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Big Blue 10 Inch Dual 10 Water Filter With Spun Sediment and Carbon 10x4.5 Sentry
Big Blue 10 Inch Water Filter With Spun Sediment and Carbon White Bracket Sentry
Big Blue 10 Inch Tank Water Filter With Pleated White Bracket Sentry
Sediment Spun Water Filter Sentry
Carbon Block Water Filter Sentry
Nano Silver Carbon Block Spun Sediment Water Filter 10x4.5 Sentry

10"x4.5" Small Home Filter | Whole House Water Filters | Sediment + Chlorine

Sentry Water Filters
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If Applicable Watermark Certificate No. 023247
Big blue filter cartridge system used for whole of house and rain water tank filtration and includes a spun sediment filter + a carbon block filter + a housing ring spanner 
Available with 1"BSP inlet + outlet ports and housings have pressure release valve button and will accommodate all standard 10"x4.5" standard water filter cartridges

All of the parts that come into contact with the water in our systems are manufactured from BPA free food grade plastics. All of the filters and parts that we source are of the highest quality and meet the required quality standards
Dependent on water quality + usage, filters should last 6-12 months or +/- 40,000 litres 
This system has filter options which are 1st filter of poly spun sediment filter as well as a coconut carbon block filter

You can choose the filter combination you want in the drop down selection menu of the listing and if you have any queries about the best filter combination for your requirements please message us and we will assist you

Spun sediment filters are poly-spun filters which remove sediment particles like dust, dirt, clay, leaves, debris and suspended solids and our carbon block filters are made from activated coconut carbon and will reduce or remove chlorine, odour, some colouration, taste, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds and a wide range of impurities in water but only a 1 micron absolute or 0.5 micron nominal carbon block will remove cysts and micro-organisms like giardia, cryptosporidium and blastocysts

If you need to treat you water for bacteria as well then your should contact us to advice on UV and silver infused anti bacterial carbon filters

This water filter housing carries a full 12 month warranty on all parts supplied in the original order

All products have a 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee and simply return the product to us to receive a refund or replacement

According to regulatory standards any water filter system under constant water pressure [regardless of the brand or supplier] is required to be fitted with an AS3497 approved pressure reducing valve and back-flow prevention device