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Car Wash Mixed Resin With Stainless Bracket
Car Wash Resin Water Filter With Bracket
Car Wash Resin Water Filter 10x4.5 With Stainless Steel Bracket
Car Wash Resin Water Filter 20x4.5 with Bracket
Deionising Mixed Resin Aquariums Hard Water Softening Calcium
Car Van Bus Truck Wash Filter Spot Free Rinse Water Filters + TDS Meter
Handheld TDS Reader Sentry
Car Wash Heavy Duty Water Filter On Trolley

Car Van Bus Truck Wash Filter Spot Free Rinse Water Filters + TDS Meter

Sentry Water Filters
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Mounting Bracket Selected* + Housing Spanner + Local Stock

Water in WA can be very HARD as it is mostly ground / bore water so DO NOT buy the smallest unit if you are in WA or you are looking to filter ground water as the small systems will not work well. If you want to filter very HARD water it is recommended that you buy one of the larger units i.e. the 20"x2.5", the 10"x4.5" or the 20"x4.5" unit.

This system removes calcium as well as a range of other substances to stop / reduce spots on cars and comes with a handheld TDS reader [per image 5] so that you can check when your DI Resin needs to be changed. 

This twin stage car wash system is designed to be used for a final spot-free rinse after washing your motorbike, car, bus or truck . This unit utilises ion exchange DI resins which reduce water hardness, decreases the occurrence of spotting / water marks from hard water sources and reduces salinity.

The life expectancy of these filters can be difficult to predict due to the wide range of water quality around the country, these types of filters have been shown to work effectively on good to average quality town water [TDS below +/- 250ppm] up to +/- 1,500 litres for the 10"x2.5" unit [main listing image], +/- 3,000 litres for the 20"x2.5" unit [2nd listing image but with resin filters per image 6], +/- 4,500 litres for the 10"x4.5" unit [3rd listing image] and up to +/- 9,000 litres for the 20"x4.5" unit [4th listing image].

Where water is particularly hard the resin may not last as long and will have to be changed more frequently - just send us a message if you are unsure about your application and we can discuss these options in more depth.

Picture 8 shows a 20"x4.5" system that has been mounted on a trolley which was done on a DIY basis by one of our buyers who sent us the picture

Kit includes:

  • Two filter housings as selected with garden hose clip on connectors
  • White powder coated mild steel OR 316 grade stainless steel bracket
  • Refillable filter with deionising resin in both filters + extra refills bought
  • Housing ring spanner / wrench for opening housings to changing filters
  • Two standard clip on hose connectors which my be supplied separately

We can't guarantee the resin filter will be clear and depending on stock levels may be supplied like the one in the 6th listing image. 

This unit has a 24 month warranty which is subject to our warranty terms and conditions, regular filter changes to be done as recommended using our replacement filters, media and consumables and is non permanently installed in full direct sunlight (if installed permanently outdoors a PRV must be used and the system must be covered from full sunlight). All products have a 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee. Simply return the product to us in original condition to receive a refund or replacement.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact us so that we can resolve your concerns

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