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Sentry Water Filters Reverse Osmosis Portable  HRO 3 D complete system image
Sentry Water Filters Reverse Osmosis RO 50gpd membrane
Sentry Water Filters Reverse Osmosis RO 75gpd membrane
Sentry Water Filters Reverse Osmosis RO 100gpd membrane
Sentry Water Filters Reverse Osmosis RO 150gpd membrane
Deionising Mixed DI Resin Aquarium refillable filter
John Guest Garden Tap Connector
Tap Diverter 1/4 inch Countertop

HRO Marine Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Portable RO DI System

Sentry Water Filters
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This is our most compact unit suited to use for topping up marine aquariums. This unit is designed to produce water of the highest purity for your marine fish tank. This unit is best suited to use with small to medium sized tanks, for larger tanks we recommend our PRO series RODI units.

This is a three stage unit which includes the following:

* An inline activated carbon filter.

* A reverse osmosis membrane (Your choice of flow rate)

* An inline mixed bed DI resin filter. 

* 3 meters of high pressure 1/4" (6mm) tubing.

* Connection fittings kit (your choice of tap connectors)

RO membranes are listed based on flow rate, in this case volume of water produced if left to run for 24 hours with optimal feed pressure (60-80psi). Membrane flow rate should be selected from the table above when purchasing the filter.

There are two different connection types - 'Garden/Laundry' and 'Kitchen Mixer'. The Garden/Laundry option includes a 1/2" tap adapter, 3/4" tap adapter and a garden hose clip. The 'Kitchen Mixer option includes a valve that connects to a standard mixer tap in place of the aerator. You can select to have both options in the table above.