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Small home tank water UV steriliser system with Pentek / Pentair housings
Small house tank water UV system with white bracket and non Watermark housings
10"x4.5" tanks water filter set with 1 micron spun sediment  and 0.5uM silver infused carbon block filters
20w UV ultra violet water sterilising system to eliminate 99.9% bacteria and parasitic micro-organisms up to 25 litres a minute
Replacement water steriliser UV bulb / lamp with 4-pins on one end
Aquapro 20w to 40w UV ballast ultra violet power supply
Big blue 10"+20"x4.5" housing opening ring spanner
Large home 40w / 45 litre per minute UV tank water sterilising unit with 20"x4.5" big blue pre-filter housings
Smaller house 25 litre per minute tank drinking water filter with Watermark certified housings and stainless steel bracket
Smaller whole home 25LPM tank drinking water filter with Non-Watermark housings and stainless steel bracket

Smaller Home UV Sterilising Ultra Violet Rainwater House Tank Water Filters

Sentry Water Filters
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UV sterilising whole of house water filters with 1uM spun sediment + 0.5uM silver infused anti bacterial carbon block + 20w final ultra violet water steriliser.

This system is well suited to a small home which can sterilise water up to a rate of 25 litres per minute and is supplied with a 1"BSP female thread on the inlet and outlet for easy connection.

Images 1-6 are included with this listing but image 7 is not and is a picture of a larger 20"x4.5" system with a 45LPM UV steriliser for larger homes and is available in our online store or here.

This unit measures 58cm in height x 45cm in width x 25cm in depth and you'll need extra room on the right and bottom to be able to change the UV lamp and pre-filters.

Dependent on water turbidity [sediment level] and usage filters should last 12 months and it is possible the 1st sediment filters needs to be replaced sooner and perhaps the silver carbon filter but this will be determined by your water quality and a set of these replacement filters cost $ 99.50.

If you want an advanced and highly effective water filter for filtering untreated water [rainwater tanks, dam, river and creek water] to specifically remove any bacteria, pathogens and micro-organisms that may be present but don't want a reverse osmosis this unit is well suited.

With these systems if they are installed very close to the home the first glass of water may be warm if the system has been standing for some time. This water won't be hot enough to burn you and is an indication the systems is working well so if it stops you'll need to check your UV lamp and ballast.

All of the parts that come into contact with the water in our systems are manufactured from BPA free food grade plastics. All of the filters and parts that we source are of the highest quality and meet the required quality standards.


  • High quality filter housings from food grade materials as selected
  • Marine grade stainless steel / white painted mounting bracket selected
  • Pre-filter combination to last 6-12 month based on your water quality
  • System has standard 1"BSP female inlet and 1"BSP male outlet ports
  • Parts are easy to fit to all standard readily available plumbing fittings
  • You'll enjoy clear, pure great tasting water [Max flow 25 litres a minute]
  • Aquapro 20w ultra violet system [lamp to be changed every 12 months]
  • Indoor ballast [needs cover or box] with power surge protection device


Stage 1 = 1 micron [uM] spun filter for removal of sand, clay, silt, dirt, particles and solids

Stage 2 = 0.5uM silver infused carbon block for reduction of bacteria, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, as well as a wide range of impurities in water

Stage 3 = stainless steel UV steriliser eliminates 99.9% bacteria + micro-organisms up to 25 litres per min [lamp lasts 12 months] with this combination of pre-filters and UV


  • 1x 220v-240v UV ballast
  • 1x housing ring spanner

This unit has a 12-month warranty which is subject to our warranty terms and conditions, regular filter changes to be done as recommended using our replacement filters, media and consumables and is installed with a pressure reducing valve and leak shut off device.

Warranty does not cover UV bulb, as this is considered a consumable, there is a 30 day replacement guarantee on faulty bulbs. You will need to be able to verify that you have used a power surge protector with this system as the bulbs and ballast / transformer can be damaged by power surges [the ballast / transformer has a 12 month warranty].

Important Note: It is non-compliant to install filters to town mains water supply under constant hydro-static pressure if they do not have Watermark certification and your plumber may refuse to install this unit to mains supply if you select the option without Watermark. If only used on tank water without any connection to town mains water supply you don't need a unit with Watermark certification.

In some cases stock images have been used for this listing and may vary slightly from those supplied.