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Sentry Water Filters reverse osmosis PRO 3dDJ with 50gpd RO membrane
Matrikx CTO Chlorine chloramine carbon block water filter
Sentry Water Filters RO reverse osmosis 75gpd membrane
Sentry Water Filters RO reverse osmosis 50gpd membrane
Sentry Water Filters RO reverse osmosis 100gpd membrane
Pentek Pentair RO reverse osmosis membrane 100gpd 100tlc
Pentek Pentair RO reverse osmosis membrane 100gpd 100tlc information sheet
Pentek Pentair RO reverse osmosis membrane 100gpd 100tlc dimensions
Sentry Water Filters RO reverse osmosis membrane 150gpd
Asprinn RO reverse osmosis membrane 180gpd
deionising mixed resin aquariums DI calcium hard water refill image
Empty refillable water filters 10"x2.5"
DI mixed resin deionising filter cartridge image
PRO3 DJ RODI reverse osmosis reef aquarium water filter complete system image

PRO-3-DJ RODI Marine Fish Tank Reverse Osmosis Water Filters RO DI Filter

Sentry Water Filters
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Select replacement filters / media required from the drop-down menus
If you need instructions on how to change these filters send us a message when checking out and we'll include them.

Standard volume pre-filters can used for up to +/- 10,000 litres of RO DI water produced and high volume Matrikx filter will be able to produce +/- 30,000 litres.

Membrane flow is rated in GPD [gallons per day] at 55psi so on average membranes produce at the following flow rates: 50GPD = 8 Litres Per Hour, 75GPD = 12LPH, 100GPD = 18LPH and 180GPD = 28LPH.

The Pentek 100GPD TLC membrane is a new generation membrane that has a higher rejection rate [98%] versus standard TFC membranes [96%] and the Pentek TLC membrane can deal with feed water TDS levels up to 4x what standard membranes can and you can download the Pentek TLC performance data sheet here.

Default listing typically supplied with loose resin to refill your existing cartridge [you can select 1x or 2x Loose DI Resin Refills] from the drop-down selection menu. If you want to purchase a new cartridge filled with resin then select DI Resin Cartridge from the drop down. 

We have a separate listing where you can purchase larger quantities of loose DI Resin here

Our resin is the highest food grade mixed bed deionising resin and is supplied loose so you can refill your existing refillable in filter cartridge or in a refillable filter cartridge [let us know if you want a white or clear cartridge or we'll dispatch according to stock levels].

All of the parts that come into contact with the water in our systems are manufactured from BPA free food grade plastics. All of the filters and parts that we source are of the highest quality and meet the required quality standards.

Not all the images displayed in this listing are included in the item for sale as images of other related items are included for informative purposes only but available in our online store and the last image is of the type of system these filters fit.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact us so that we can try to resolve your concerns.